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BOULDER, COLORADO: Frasca Food and Wine

When my husband told me he had a business trip to Denver, Colorado, the first thing I said was, "you have to make us a reservation at Frasca!" This award-winning Italian restaurant specializing in the food of the Friuli region, specifically, Friuli-Venezia Giulian cuisine, had long been on my radar.  He didn't quite understand my excitement, but said he would make the call the next day.  When he did, he was told there were no reservations available except for a table in the kitchen.  He'd rather sit in the dining room, but told the nice young lady, "my wife will love that, so I'll book it."  Well, after a spectacular meal, stellar wine pairings, phenomenal service, and wonderful pre- and post-dinner drinks with bartender Allison, he tells everyone it is the best table in the house at one of his favorite restaurants in the country.  I agree.

(Click here for photos of Frasca's Chef's and Master Sommelier's visit to Phoenix for a Scarpetta wine dinner in March 2015).