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Noche en Blanco

Noche en Blanco-241.jpg

The Hance Park Conservancy is excited to announce the fourth annual “Noche en Blanco” event in Hance Park. Noche en Blanco will be a night of community fun where all guests arrive dressed in all-white creative cocktail attire, enjoy live entertainment and dance under the stars. At the end of the night, the event will culminate with the highly anticipated grand carnivale parade with opportunities to dance and take photos with the samba dancers.

 One hundred percent of the proceeds from the event will benefit the Hance Park Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to the future of Hance Park.

 Guests may purchase a table to decorate for the event and are encouraged to pre-order a gourmet picnic for two and bottles of wine from the ticket page. Wine may also be purchased from the bar during the event. Local vendors will include Huss Brewing, Actions Wine and Conceptually Social. Guests are able to bring their own picnics if they choose not to order one of the gourmet meals. Tickets to the event are available at hanceparkconservancy.org.