Write On Rubee

An Arizona-based food, beverage and travel writer since 2008,  I launched this website in 2015 to document my culinary adventures, beverage escapades, gardening endeavors, and travel in the Phoenix area and beyond.  Also find a comprehensive calendar of Phoenix-area food and drink-related events on my Events page.

March Harvest

This week I'm working on the garden for the summer transition.  I pulled up the cool-weather plants that are bolting with the heat, such as cabbage, broccoli, and dill, and getting the beds ready for summer transplants (peppers, tomatillos, okra, and tomatoes). Today's harvest: Dukat dill, Mizuna, Spigariello liscia, Red Russian kale, Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage, Japanese Giant Red Mustard, Ruby Red Swiss Chard, Red Romaine, radishes, Florence fennel, French sorrel, Nero Di Toscana kale, Egyptian Walking Onions, and Bloomsbury spinach. 

Garden Greens

Mom is visiting us from Boston and I love when she cooks Vietnamese for us.  Today she picked these from the garden for rice paper rolls (gỏi cuốn) for our lunch: Cilantro, mint, Japanese Giant Red Mustard, Outredgeous lettuce, Red Romaine, and Forellenschluss lettuce.

December Vegetables and Herbs

One of the perks of living in Phoenix is our two growing seasons.  I plant in March and again in September and harvest about 10 months of the year.  Most of my plants are  from Vilardi Gardens.  My friend Suzanne Vilardi grows amazing heirloom varieties which you can find at the local farmer's markets.  These are some of the plants doing well in my December garden:

Red Romaine lettuce, Japanese Giant Red Mustard, Marconi peppers, Dukat dill, Lunga Violetta eggplant, and Red Russian kale.  

Tomatoes, artichoke, Ichiban eggplant, Bloomsdale spinach, Outredgeous lettuce, and poblano peppers. 

Ruby Red Swiss chard, Mizuna, Shishito peppers, I'toi's onions, Spigariello liscia, and Quarantina broccoli rabe.

Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage, King Richard leek, Forellenschluss lettuce, purple basil, Gigante di Napoli cauliflower, and garlic chives.

Florence fennel, Genovese basil, Moroccan mint, Nero Di Toscana kale, spearmint, and some of the seeds I've been sowing. 

Fall 2015 planting

I planted this fabulous selection from Vilardi Gardens on November 11th: Forellenschluss, Red Romaine, and Outredgeous lettuces, Florence fennel, green Mizuna, French sorrel, Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage, Kailan/Chinese kale, King Richard leeks, borage, Japanese Giant Red Mustard, Ruby Red Swiss Chard, Gigante di Napoli Marzatico and Snowball cauliflowers, Quarantina broccoli rabe, Red Russian and Nero Di Toscana kales, Gigante di Napoli parsley, Bloomsdale spinach, Dukat dill, Moroccan mint, and Spigariello liscia.