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An Arizona-based food, beverage and travel writer since 2008,  I launched this website in 2015 to document my culinary adventures, beverage escapades, gardening endeavors, and travel in the Phoenix area and beyond.  Also find a comprehensive calendar of Phoenix-area food and drink-related events on my Events page.


It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Chef Peter DeRuvo (I wrote an article here for AZ Wine Lifestyle when he was at Cuoco Pazzo). Since then, he left us for Chicago for a bit,  but he's back and has joined EVO as executive chef.  When I heard the good news,  I made reservations ASAP.  I started with a couple of Kris Korf's cocktails and then joined friends for dinner.  EVO did not disappoint.  Seven of us had a fantastic meal. It was the first time for one of my friends to have Chef DeRuvo's cooking.  "Wow", she said, "it'll be hard to beat that meal", and I agree.  (Not pictured: pappardelle with ragu, squid ink chitarra with crab and uni butter, controne poppers with cauliflower crema, and orecchiette with escarole and fennel sausage)