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An Arizona-based food, beverage and travel writer since 2008,  I launched this website in 2015 to document my culinary adventures, beverage escapades, gardening endeavors, and travel in the Phoenix area and beyond.  Also find a comprehensive calendar of Phoenix-area food and drink-related events on my Events page.

RUBEE TUESDAY, June 28-July 4: Montelucia, Bitter and Twisted Cocktail Parlour, Drexyl, Christopher's, Durant's

A recently-launched feature, Rubee Tuesday is a recap of my week's adventures in dining and drinking in and around Phoenix.  

Chef Bob Tam's Momo Ramen Burger at Bitter and Twisted

Tuesday, June 28.  I attended a Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine event to celebrate their Best of the City 2016 issue at the Omni Resort at the Montelucia, a beautiful venue and one of our favorite resorts. We were greeted with cocktails and guests feasted on delicious food from the team of Executive Chef Michael Cairns and Executive Sous Chef Marcos Seville, such as roasted New York strip loin with creamy cauliflower puree and crab cakes with mangio aioli. Afterwards, we joined writer friend Teresa Traverse and Jacob and Natalie, Homeboys Hot Sauce Best of the City winners,  for a cocktail at Prado.  Thanks for the excellent margarita Victor! 

Wednesday, June 29.  It's always a treat to get together with Melissa Larsen, editor of Arizona Foothills Magazine. Not only was I looking forward to a double date with her and her husband, but it would be their first visit to one of my top favorites - Bitter and Twisted.  We made it for the last days of the June-only Daring Dining Menu, and Chef Bob Tam  sent out a few surprises he's been working on. Wow!! Every time I come here I'm reminded of what a creative genius he is (homemade bagaoong - yes!).  And, as always, so happy they still had a couple of High Spirited Cupcakes left.  

"Grits & Eggs" with Chinese sausage, garlic chives, bean sprouts, soy, Homeboy's Hot Sauce, sesame shallot oil, homemade bagoong

Thursday, July 30.  I couldn't be more thrilled for my wonderful friend Kristy, co-founder of Where Should We Eat, as I celebrated her baby shower with friends and family at Drexyl.  Congratulations to Kristy, Mike, and Baby W! 

Friday, July 1.  If you're active in the beverage industry, you've probably met my gregarious and sweet friend Kelli, who is currently the Disaronno Brand Ambassador West. That meant that as we caught up over Kir Violettes, I received beverage gifts (and education!) during our lunch at Christopher's - another favorite that I need to get to more often. Thank you Kelli! 

Lobster salad and Croque Madame

Saturday, June 3. We joined our dear friends and most frequent dining partners, Bill and Lill of AZ Bitters Lab, at one of our favorite steakhouses - Phoenix' iconic Durant's (though I'm overdue to write a feature, here's a past Happy Hour article I wrote for AZ Wine Lifestyle).  A special bonus was having Mari Howe join us for a cocktail before she moves to Hawaii next week (and an order of her beautiful handmade jewelry).  

Of course, we made sure to bring our Free Dessert for Life chips!

Check back next week when I visit Proof at the Four Seasons for my Spanish burger launch, Arrowhead Grill, explore the Scottsdale Artwalk with visits to Sel, 5th and Wine, Citizen Public House, and head to DeSoto Market for a special event.