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Back to Andreoli's

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Andreoli's, as I've mentioned previously here. This afternoon I met with my friend Melissa (Editor-in-Chief of the fabulous publication Arizona Foothills Magazine).  Neither of us had been back in a while, so Andreoli's was a perfect choice.  While Melissa enjoyed a cecchali sandwich (Italian tuna, mayo and cherry tomatoes on Giovanni's wonderful freshly baked bread), I opted for one of the specials.  Giovanni has an amazing way with seafood, and one of the many items written on Wednesday's board was Spaghettini con Polipo Pomidirini Pachini.

Wow. I have to say this is the best pasta and octopus dish I've ever had.  Fresh and tender octopus (flown in from Italy) was tossed with expertly-cooked al dente pasta in fruity olive oil seasoned with garlic and sweet cherry tomatoes.  It was so good, I made myself leave enough to take home to enjoy a second time...which my mom, visiting from Massachusetts, promptly ate, saying, "this is my perfect kind of food, so fresh, so simple."  She is a wise woman, indeed.

It's impossible to leave without buying some pastries or enjoying dessert, and I never do.  Today I took home a piece of pistachio cake which I shared with dad, and the most amazing chocolate croissants.  

Andreoli's is such an authentic Italian gem.  If I didn't live 40 minutes away, I'd be here weekly.