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An Arizona-based food, beverage and travel writer since 2008,  I launched this website in 2015 to document my culinary adventures, beverage escapades, gardening endeavors, and travel in the Phoenix area and beyond.  Also find a comprehensive calendar of Phoenix-area food and drink-related events on my Events page.

Guest Contributors

Photo: Dream Photography Studio

Photo: Dream Photography Studio

Molly, a professional writer and editor with 17 years of experience, has been obsessed with the written word since she learned to hold a pen. From interviewing longtime U.S. Senator John McCain to eating lavish ten-course meals in the name of research, she covers topics across the board and tackles each one with passion and enthusiasm (especially the food-related ones!). Molly and her husband of 14 years have two children, Jimmy and Saylor. Together they cook, eat, travel, play and try to make the most of every single day. While teetering between being relentlessly exhausted and tirelessly energetic, Molly's life motto is "lead with love." Follow her on Instagram (@azgypsymama) for food and travel pics, plus random quotes that range from inspirational to the occasional whiskey-fueled enlightenment.

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Rhonni Boss Moffitt

Rhonni Moffitt is the former publisher of Arizona Vines & Wines/AZ Wine Lifestyle Magazine. She currently owns and operates a successful wholesale olive oil and balsamic vinegar production company with her husband, Josh. She’s the proud friend of Christina Barrueta of Write on Rubee, mother to two pugs and god-parent to three beautiful kids. She’s a true lover of fine wine and delicious food.

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