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Mezcal Monday with Mezcal Carreño at FilmBar


Admission includes ticket to screening of Agave - The Spirit of a Nation at Filmbar (6pm-7:30pm) plus pre-show mezcal cocktail at neighboring Sazerac Bar (5pm-6pm) & post-show mezcal tasting at Sazerac Bar (7:30pm-8:30pm) . This documentary showcases the passion & soul of the most beautiful alcohol spirits in the world, Mezcal & Tequila. You are taken on a journey to the world's most bio-diverse landscape of the agave plant, Mexico; where families have been passing down the tradition of distilling agave for generations. You'll get an inside look at the family's that produce their spirits in the mountains of Oaxaca to the highlands of Jalisco. Graciela Angeles Carreño, Aquilino García López & Carlos Camarena each tell a story of back breaking work, sacrifice and hope. Discover how agaves are reshaping the world's of the Mexican people and beyond. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mezcalmonday-agave-the-spirit-of-a-nation-presented-by-mezcal-carreno-tickets-58593165736