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Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen brings back “Oldies from Woody”

Macayo’s Milestone 70th Anniversary is this year and it is kicking off with “Oldies from Woody” – rich in heritage and flavorful in taste.  Now through March 31st, Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen brings back “Oldies from Woody” Circa 1946 at all 12 locations. In 1946, it all started with Woody & Victoria, two high school sweethearts who shared a passion and commitment to using fresh, quality ingredients in their signature, family recipes.  Decades later, the commitment remains the same. Woody’s original recipes are still used to prepare delicious, handcrafted Mexican food daily.  Visit Macayo's to find a location near you. 

·       Zucchini
·       Chile Poppers

·       Chalupas Especiales
·       Flauta De Mexico
 ·      Tostada Del Mundo

·       Lobster Relleno
·       Chicken Maximilian
·       Pollo Chilorio

·       Fruit cocktail
·       Sherbet